Schaf Skincare


$ 60

It'll Feel Like Your Razor Was Never Even There.

What's the point of a close shave if it burns and bumps keep reminding you of it all day?

Schaf Shave Cream delivers the perfect combination of Shea butter, oils and aloe to soften hair and provide the right amount of slip for a comfortable, close shave.

Drink Up, Skin.

Your face deserves to be able to relax and hydrate. Give it the chance to quench its thirst and help fend off the day's environmental damage.

With nourishing hyaluronic acid that can hold up to a thousand times its weight in water, your skin won't feel thirsty. This daily hydrator packs organic plant extracts, coconut oil, African Shea butter, avacado oil, antioxidants, and wrinkle fighting peptides.